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Wuhan lockdown quarantine, once harshly criticized and bearing major unintended consequences, now believed by experts to have bought China and the world precious time to prepare for Covid-19 epidemic


Sharon Begley


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"A crisper CRISPR" researchers at Broad Institute debut a super-precise version of the CRISPR tool that will offer greater control on what to edit, significantly reduce off-target editing


Caitlin McDermott-Murphy

The Harvard Gazette

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"Milk and Health" researchers probe the commonly believed health benefit of high milk intake, found thin evidence, while concerns on various adverse health outcomes remain

We reviewed over 100 studies and conclude that milk recommendations for Americans are not based in evidence


Dr. David Ludwig

Elemental-a Medium publication

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Ongoing clinical trial of Remdesivir, the promising coronavirus drug developed by Gilead, is struggling to recruit patients in China

Patients in the test must not have taken other treatments within 30 days


Staff Writer

Wall Street Journal

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Immunologist Jeffrey Bluestone leaves Parker Institute CEO post to start Sonoma BioTx to develop regulatory T cell-based cell therapy to "restore a state of self-tolerance" for autoimmune diseases like RA, IBD, multiple sclerosis

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Alex Keown


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Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes project, releases 6 papers in Nature, 17 in other journals, pictures comprehensively genetic causes of cancer. A massive cancer genome study, PCAWG has 1300 scientists from 750 institutes to study 38 cancers

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Jocelyn Kaiser


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Biogen defeats Mylan's patent challenge to multiple sclerosis drug Tecfidera, rocketing up shares. Tecfidera had 2019 sales of $4.43 billion

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Clinical trial of Gilead's remdesivir in coronavirus patients to start tomorrow in China. Initially developed to treat Ebola without success, doctor tried remdesivir in first US coronavirus case, patient improved dramatically within 24 hours


Douglas House

Seeking Alpha

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Gates Foundation commits $100 MM to combat coronavirus outbreak. "To improve detection, isolation and treatment efforts; protect at-risk populations in Africa and South Asia; and accelerate the development of vaccines, drugs and diagnostics"


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus


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Two pharma giants split. Merck to spin off women’s health, legacy brands & biosimilar and keep oncology, vaccines, hospital & animal health. GSK to spin off consumer unit and focus on immunology, genetics & new technologies


Douglas House

Seeking Alpha

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NEJM paper on transmission of coronavirus by asymptomatic carrier in Germany had flawed information. Germany's Robert Koch Institute & Bavarian health ministry interviewed the initial patient and confirmed she had symptoms


Kai Kupferschmidt


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US declared coronavirus a public health emergency, to deny foreign nationals to enter US who have traveled to China within the past two weeks, and pose 14-day quarantine for US citizens who had traveled to Hubei China in the past 14 days


Leslie Josephs


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BREAKING: WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a global public health emergency, meanwhile recommended against trade or travel restriction towards China. First U.S. person-to-person transmission case confirmed


World Health Organization (WHO)


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WHO to reconvene expert panel tomorrow (Jan 30, 2020) to decide if the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak deemed a global public health emergency


Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus


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The world struggling to control the worsening coronavirus crisis, new cases skyrocketed to 4,515 in China with death toll rose to 106. US risks 'remain low' but rapidly evolving, federal officials hope to start vaccine clinical trial in 3 months


Staff Writer

New York Times

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CEPI launches 3 accelerated vaccine development programs for novel coronavirus, nCoV-2019: DNA vaccine (US firm Inovio), molecular clamp vaccine (University of Queensland), mRNA vaccine (US firm Moderna & NIAID). Human trial expected April to June


Staff Writer

CEPI-Coalition for Epidemic PreparednessInnovation

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Moderna working with NIH, NIAID, & VRC to develop a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus using its mRNA vaccine technology, along with other companies or organizations. Moderna has produced a cancer vaccine in 40 days using the same technology


Terri Cullen


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Deadly coronavirus sicken 440, killed nine in China. First US case identified in Washington state. CDC expects more US cases, expanded airports in Chicago and Atlanta to screen airline passengers from Wuhan China for virus symptoms

The coronavirus has sickened hundreds, killed six in China


Betsy McKay

Wall Street Journal

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BeiGene's phase 3 pivotal clinical trial of anti-PD-1 antibody tislelizumab for first-line squamous non-small cell lung cancer met primary endpoint. It has already been approved for classical Hodgkin’s lymphoma in China


Staff Writer


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WHO calls for emergency meeting to determine if to declare global health emergency for SARS-like virus outbreak. China confirms human-to-human transmission, and 14 healthcare infected with the virus


Helen Branswell


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