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Covid-19 pandemic slows down clinical trials, initially in China, now in Europe and US. Companies consider resuming trials in Asia & China as outbreak seemingly under control. Government issues guidance to industry


Karen Weintraub


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Johnson & Johnson CEO announces choosing a lead vaccine candidate for Covid-19. Human study to start in September 2020, may be ready for emergency use by early 2021


William Feuer


As US became the epicenter of the pandemic, experts question the supply-driven policy of dissuading people to wear masks. Some believe this is a mistake and missed opportunity


Kelly Servick


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Social distancing: MIT study shows 23 to 27 feet is needed for Covid-19 protection, 4 times longer than CDC guideline of 6-foot human separation, 8 times longer than WHO recommendation of 3-foot separation

Potential Implications for Reducing Transmission of COVID-19


Lydia Bourouiba

JAMA-Journal of American Medical Association

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Overwhelmed by demand for its promising Covid19 drug Remdesivir , Gilead paused emergency access to switch to a broader access program. The drug received FDA orphan drug status

The company says it will switch to a broader approach for its experimental drug, remdesivir. But it was overwhelmed by demand for a potential treatment promoted by President Trump


Katie Thomas

New York Times

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Loss of sense of smell, sometimes taste, reported as an early sign of coronavirus infection, even without other symptoms


Adam Bienkov

Business Insider

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Neil Ferguson & Imperial College London grim report on virus made UK to abandon 'Herd Immunity' policy and US to take drastic action

It wasn’t so much the numbers themselves, frightening though they were, as who reported them: Imperial College London


Mark Landler

New York Times

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Ex-FDA Commissioners laid out future road map for effective response to threat like COVID-19. Experts chipped with advice


Scott Gottlieb

Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy

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Gilead's remdesivir may have helped 14 elderly and critically ill Americans to live who had contracted Covid-19 from Diamond Princess cruise ship. Other cases of seemingly efficacy also reported. Raise high hope for this medicine



Investor's Business Daily

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Biotech Regeneron is developing a two-pronged drug to fight Covid-19: a 'passive-vaccine' antibody to prevent infection, or, antibody treatment for infected people at higher dose. The Company has succeeded for Ebola virus using the same technology

"We are optimistic, because we've done this approach to treat many human diseases," the company's CEO says


Jay Blackman


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70 of the 92 coronavirus infections in Massachusetts linked to biotech company Biogen's leadership conference in Boston. Cascade cases also spread to in other states and countries

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Mark Arsenault

Boston Globe

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AstraZeneca's major phase III bladder cancer trial of Imfinzi failed to show survival benefit vs. standard-of-care. This study was a commitment to FDA following an accelerated approval. Other studies of Imfinzi in bladder cancer still ongoing


Lisa Astor

Targeted Oncology

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Editas and Allergan test CRISPR / gene editing therapy in patient for treating blindness, first time gene-editing occurs in patient's body, while most gene-editing drugs take effect on ex vivo basis (outside of body)

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Mark Prvulovic


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Biotech firms Alnylam and Vir expand partnership to develop RNA interference tech-based therapy for coronavirus. RNAi aims to silence messenger RNA that encodes for disease-causing proteins


Staff Writer

Seeking Alpha

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French pharma giant Sanofi's "return to oncology" with FDA approval of Sarclisa for treating multiple myeloma. The company backing away from its traditional diabetes & cardiovascular areas


John Carroll

Endpoints News

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Shareholder group of J&J calls for split of Alex Gorsky's dual CEO and chairman roles


Eric Sagonowsky


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Facing coronavirus pandemic, biotech / pharma companies, academia, and government team up and race to develop cure and vaccines


Robert Schroeder


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Biotech trade group BIO appointed the CEO of Vir Biotechnology George Scangos to coordinate biotech industry's response and efforts to COVID-19. Vir was the first biotech firm to start treatment development since the outbreak started

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Amber Tong

Endpoints News

AbbVie's blood cancer drug Venclexta failed to show survival benefit in a phase III leukemia study, conditionally approved by FDA previously. Another similar phase III study of Venclexta by AbbVie is ongoing


Zacks Equity Research


Gilead to buy cancer drug biotech Forty Seven for $4.9 billion to control its anti-CD47 antibody magrolimab and start presence in immuno-oncology area

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Nick Taylor

Fierce Biotech

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