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02:17 PM • Sky NewsCOVID-19: Single vaccine jab linked to 85% and 94% drop in risk of coronavirus hospital admissions in Scotland, study shows

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10:23 PM • MIT Technology ReviewLeaked report shows Pfizer's vaccine is sharply cutting covid-19 infections in Israel

10:21 PM • The LancetEarly rate reductions of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19 in BNT162b2 vaccine recipients

10:07 PM • ReutersIsraeli studies find Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine reduces transmission

09:55 PM • YouTubeBill Gates: J&J, Novavax vaccines retain 'a lot of capability' against variants

09:52 PM • CNBCBill Gates says J&J and Novavax Covid vaccines have 'a lot of capability' against variants

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08:00 PM • NPR - National Public RadioWhy South Africa Is Putting The AstraZeneca Vaccine On Hold

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